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The New York Times added more than 300,000 digital subscriptions in the first three months of 2017, the newspaper said Wednesday, higher than in any other quarter in its history.

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Reviewers select 20-30 notable or important new titles each week, including exceptional new authors.

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NY Times has offered a sitewide coupon (good for all transactions) for 30 of the last 30 days.

However, only 10 other NYTimes.com articles per month may be accessed from that computer before a subscription is required.Customers who purchase a New York Times subscription receive comprehensive and in-depth news coverage.

Sometimes subscription deals and coupon codes become available for The Los Angeles Times.The New York Times is hardly the only publisher to hide the yearly cost of subscription behind attractive trial offers.

Let us help you access your subscription account or find a subscription to fit your needs.Unlimited downloads of top-rated e-books from Pulitzer prize-winning journalists at The Washington Post.

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Put your world in focus with two ways to experience cutting-edge reporting.

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Online advertisements will appear online at 10 a.m. on the day that the ad appears in the newspaper, except for Sunday ads.

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Download the app and receive the digital daily edition of the newspaper direct to your mobile with all the latest global news headlines, business and finance reports and political commentary.The New York Times Learning Network: Access is free, without a digital subscription, to this blog and all its posts, as well as all Times articles linked from them.While I believe the smartest Web strategy is to build a mass national (or international) readership with an.

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I stand by my subjective judgment that soccer is a logarithmic sport while baseball is an exponential one — that is, you can take up soccer and play at a totally fun level right away but baseball has skills that are harder to master up front.

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How to avoid paying the sucker rate for a New York Times subscription.

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